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“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one”
~Jill Churchill

Less Than Perfect Parents is a popular mom blog that offers realistic ways to be a great parent without the pressure of trying to be perfect. We’re so excited to share our easy recipes and nutritional tips, simple children’s crafts and activities, as well as fashion and fun!

Less Than Perfect Parents is a cheat sheet so that you can make healthy meals, stay organized, keep your kids active and busy, and be the best parent you can without running yourself into the ground. All of our ideas are EASY so that you can accomplish them, keep your family happy, feel like a good parent, and still have a little time left over for yourself! Sound impossible? Stop by every Monday and Friday at 8:00 a.m. to find out how!

Ways to Connect

We also want to create a community of parents to support one another while we all try to manage the hardest career out there-being a parent!   Below are some ways to stay connected!

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We have a great group of parents on Facebook which can lead to fun conversations.  Twitter is where we like to tweet about parenting as well as host Twitter parties.  Our best pictures are shared on Pinterest and we also love repinning other people’s recipes and crafts.  Google Plus is our last community where we connect with our parents followers as well as businesses we serve.

Speaking of Twitter Parties…

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 Meet the Less Than Perfect Parents Team

Less Than Perfect Parents is written by writers from several popular mom blogs.  Learn more about them below:

Founder and President
Popular Mom Blog Owner

Tracy Gibb is a mother and former preschool teacher who loves to share all of the little tricks she has learned in her home and classroom so that you can remain in control and keep everyone busy and happy.

Tracy has her bachelor’s degree in business and technology from the University of Connecticut.  She has an extensive marketing and management background.  If you are a business looking to promote your brand she has the experience to design and implement a promotion that will give you the best advertising for your money.  If you already have ideas on how you would like to promote your company and/or product she is also happy to hear your ideas and discuss how to incorporate them successfully on Less Than Perfect Parents.  You can contact her with your pitch at tracygibb@lessthanperfectparents.com or follow her on twitter.


Sports Parenting Writer

jbm thinks

Janis B. Meredith is a sports mom, freelance writer, blogger, and certified parent life coach.  Janis was brought up in a family that loved sports and married a man who coached for 28 years.  Her three kids (now 24, 21, and 19) have played sports from age 4 through college, with her oldest daughter playing 4 years of college softball, and the other two currently playing college volleyball and football.  You can follow her on twitter  and on Facebook.


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