How to Deal With a Difficult Teacher

How to Deal With a Difficult Teacher

It’s that time of year! We’re all finding out who our kids have for a teacher in the upcoming year. Most of us all have our heart set on a certain teacher and are disappointed when our child gets the “bad” teacher that no one wants. Here are a few tips on dealing with a difficult teacher: No Teacher is “Bad” First of all, most teachers are not “bad” or “good”. Most teachers have both good and … [Read More...]

How to Create Positive Parent Teacher Relationships

How to Create Positive Parent Teacher Relationships

There’s only a few weeks left of summer and we’re all starting to prepare for back-to-school! Here are a few tips to help you create a positive partnership with your child’s teacher that will foster the best possible learning environment in the upcoming school year. Don’t Play the Blame Game Most kids figure out really quickly whether they can get away with turning their parents against their … [Read More...]


GIVEAWAY: Resqueeze Reusable Squeeze Pouch!

Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this review but all opinions are my own. I was excited to try Resqueeze reusable pouches because my son is an athlete which means he needs to eat healthy but we’re always on the go. I used the Resqueeze pouch for snacks such as yogurt and applesauce but then I got creative! I’ve been really worried about sunscreen lately since there’s been a lot … [Read More...]

The Ultimate Kid's Summer Bucket List

The Best Summer Bucket List Ever

Go on an imagination walk Play a card game Have a water balloon fight Go horseback riding Buy a kid’s cookbook and follow a recipe Eat watermelon Buy a few cheap frames and make a gallery wall of artwork Buy a craft kit to be delivered to your child Go berry picking Make homemade jam with the berries you picked Write a book Watch a movie at the drive in Make strawberry … [Read More...]


Are you Teaching AND Shaping your child?

It is our job as parents to teach and shape our children. What does this mean and how much should we focus on each one? Teaching Your Child Teaching your child means that you instruct him how to do things, like clean his room, get along with friends, or eat his vegetables. Your child is taught all day long at school: math, science, history, English, reading, art, P.E. He’s filling his head … [Read More...]