Portrait of sad child

Who Are Your Kids When No One is Looking?

  As a parent, you can establish clear boundaries and limits to protect your children, but what will hold those in place? Integrity will. Integrity is the virtue that gives your kids the strength to do what is right when no one is watching. Here are a few thoughts to remember as you work to instill integrity in your children. Integrity does not = Rules Integrity is a heart ...

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Mom Confession: Scallop Dinner

Mom Confession: My Life Is NOTHING Like My Instagram

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of my son on Instagram because he really is doing well and loving high school which has made me proud as can be but I didn’t realize how it could affect other moms. Someone said to me the other day, “I don’t even want to swear in front of you because you’re the perfect soccer mom with the perfect kid.” I felt bad because I literally burst out laughing in her ...

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Mom Confession I grounded my son for a B report card

Mom Confession: I Grounded My Son For Getting a B

I grounded my son because he got a B. Tyler looooves to tell people how strict I am so he can show how tough he has it at home by telling them, “My mom grounded me because I got a B in math.” At first he gets sympathy until I step in, “Did you tell them WHY you got grounded because you got a B?” I checked my son’s grades on our school’s online grading system and saw he had all A’s on his ...

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Mom overwhelmed while kids fight.

3 Ways to Starve Your Martyr Complex

  As a parent, do you ever play the martyr in your home? I will be honest with you; I’ve gotten the role down pretty well. But I also know that being a martyr to get a desired response from kids and spouses does not promote a healthy family dynamic. Why do you play the martyr? Because you are hoping to see a desired response. I always have to take the garbage out will hopefully ...

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Creative Galaxy: A New Series For Preschoolers!

I was excited to review Creative Galaxy which is a series for preschoolers that will take your child on an interactive adventure as Arty and Epiphany travel around the galaxy using art, music, and dance to solve problems. You can recreate their crafts with your child via a step-by-step guide in each and every episode. Produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises with Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues, ...

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